Disappear Into the Snowy Slopes of Meribel

France is a special tourist love – let it be its stunning and colorful cities or soothing and calm villages. The country never fails to attract people from all over the world. As a matter of fact, France also provides a great reason for skiers and snowboarders to travel down here. One such destination and most lovely skiing resort are Meribel.

Located in the center of 3 Vallèes, the stunning skiing resort Meribel is famed all across the continents for its mesmerizing wooden chairs along with desirable atmosphere to spend with family. It is estimated that Meribel attracts almost a third of all the U.S. visitors during winter to France.


The Ideal Location For Skiing

The village accommodates 41 ski lifts within its frontiers along with 63 ski runs that are extremely well-groomed. The skiing area has a phenomenal length of 150 km. Meribel’s most popular ski run is Combe Vallon and why not it be doing tempting with standing at the 2952 meter altitude of Mount Vallon.

The resorts in Meribel are fully connected in order to share 600 km of terrain region along with 167 lifts that as a whole completes the 3 Vallèes, hence, making it the world’s largest ski area.

It is just not skiing that enchants you to call in love with Meribel that is decorated with its natural setting in the purest form along with chalet-style stunning architecture and a lot of cultural or traditional celebrations. But undoubtedly, the prime factor that makes the place a heart-throb is its vast skiing area.

Getting Acquainted With the Surrounding Of Meribel

The stunning resort stands at the heart of the 3 Vallèes, with the resorts of La Tania and Courchevel towards the east. Moreover, these two resorts together collaborate with Meribel backing the title is the largest limited ski areas in the world, with almost 600 km of pistes.

And when you think there’s no more, there’s obviously more to it. At the height of 1,750 meters, above the valley is Meribel-Mottaret that serves as a satellite resort is worth a visit if in Meribel. The resorts are conveniently linked through railways.

With these villages situated so high and almost all the peaks including Mount du Vallon, the highest point for skiing in Meribel’s local almost at the height of 3,000 m, serves as a good source of snowy crust all through the season.

The Most Desirable Resort with One-Stop Facilities

  • Meribel aptly takes care of its alpine shoppers providing them with a predictable variety of technical snowboard and ski wear outlet with the resort itself.
  • It also presents the best bakery service in the area through Glaciers that is located on Route de la Montèe that is in the heart of the resort.
  • If you wish the English newspaper, then you might surely pick one up from Maison de la Presse situated on the same street of Glaciers.
  • For the taste of fresh and authentic Savoyard cheese made by the locals, just head towards the La Fromagerie, Galerie des Cimes.
  • You might even seek to explore the more of village life amidst the weekly market on Route de la Chaudanne that opens on Tuesdays and Fridays respectively.

The Abode of 1992 Winter Olympics

Meribel also serves as the home too winter that was held in the year 1992. During that short yet memorable period, they hosted the women’s alpine skiing and the ice hockey event.

In fact, until 2011, it also proudly hosted the famous Altitude Festival with a number of prestigious acts such as Marcus Brigstocke, Omid Dijalili and KT Tunstall presenting their performances in the nightclubs and bars, all across the resort. The festival was shifted to Austria after that.

Getting back to the 1992 Winter Olympics, the Olympic Centre that was constructed back then is still opened on a daily basis for the visitors. The Centre offers a grooming indoor swimming pool of 25-meter length along with a water slide and also a pool for children.

You will also find a climbing wall, spa, and fitness center in there. The major highlights of the Winter Olympics Centre are the indoor ice-rink, snowmobiling, horse-sleigh rides, snowshoeing and also the availability of long walking routes.

Living excitement on the side and looking with a practical perspective, one will also notice that the great number of extensive slopes combination provides the skiers and snowboarders with the safest area all in Europe for an amazing vacation. All thanks to Meribel’s fantastic location along with splendid architecture.

Life gets so monotonous and full in the busy routine of city hours. And at least once in a year, everyone seeks for an escape from all these chores into a vast space and refreshing air with a feeling of thrill and adventure in their hearts. In that case, noting will be better than Meribel that serves them all and even more.


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