Obergurgl: One of Austria’s Best Ski Resorts

Austria is one of those names that are evolving in the ski market with the passing days. While skiing is a whole lot of posh holiday to splurge on, people are finding and coming up with affordable alternatives for the same. Austria, especially Obergurgl is one of those little villages located around a quaint church near the Otz Valley. It is situated closer to Innsbruck. The good thing about the place that it is closely knit with Hochgurgl with beautiful ski hotels and resorts situated at the very top of the mountain at 2150m.

The area near Obergurgl accounts for the highest parishes of Austria and can even be extended up to 3080m with lifts. The slopes and the areas near can give a tough competition to the Alps, and that is definitely saying something. This place is one of the best places to either plan for an early skiing season or even for any kind of family holiday. The thing that makes it a versatile place to visit all throughout is the fact that they have a consistent cover of snow all throughout.

It’s A Great Place for Family

Many expert professionals might often not like the undersized ski area in Obergurgl, but most of the people often tend to like the place just because it is family friendly. Several of the visitors had nothing but good things to say about the place regarding it as a quiet place with great ski schools and a lovely ambiance all around.

A Definitive Guide to the Mountain

The thing about Obergurgl is that is has a limited and confined on-piste patch. The only thing sets apart from the other expensive holiday packages is the fact that they have a good quality snow on the skiing patch along with the additional fun activities that come with it. Some of the fun activities around the area apart from skiing include the early morning first tracks programme and even the Funslope located at Hochgurgl.

The one good thing about the area is the fact that the entire skiing patch is separated around three topographies. Yet another site of attraction is the fact that it is accessed with a gondola at the beginning of the village or even with a two-stage chair amidst the center of it. The entire area of the place is nothing but picturesque with the beautiful amalgamated hues of green, blues and the blacks.

Non-Skiing Options Are Available Too

Everyone going on a ski holiday doesn’t really have the plans all set to skiing around the place. Not only is it impossible to ski all throughout the day but it is best to check out the place as well. If it is a family holiday, skiing is not going to amaze the entirety of the family. This is why Obergurgl is upgrading on it’s not skiing activities.

One of the most important attractions is the Top Mountain Crosspoint which is located just near Hochgurgl. This place is popular amongst the bikers because of the fact that it is a biker museum. This is primarily best for the bikers who keep riding over the pass till Italy and is mainly open during the summer.

Not just that, the Aqua Dome Spa Centre, which is located halfway down the valley of Langenfeld. The entirety of the place is filled with streaming thermal water. This is a major attraction near the area. Apart from these two prime points of attractions, there are even a number of fun activities around the resort as well. There’s snow-shoeing and skating apart from the same old skiing. There is even an indoor riding stable located in the hotel of Edelweiss & Gurgl.

It is a place to savor a few moments of peace and quiet. Not just that, it is also a great place for the snowboarders to spend a good time themselves or even with their families. The same depends on their choices. The other good thing apart from all the mentioned stuff is the fact that it is comparatively a lot cheaper than what you would expect a skiing holiday to cost. They might not provide with the kind of experience that one experiences on the Alps, but it sure does provide with a great one for the price that you pay for it.

All in all, Obergurgl is one of those places that are best for skiing almost all throughout the year. It is not just for an expert skier for can be heavily enjoyed by the families as well which makes it a tourist attraction. If you are looking to spend your next holiday skiing, with or even without family, Obergurgl is the best choice you could make in the adjoining areas in Austria. Spend a little less and experience the same kind of fun even when on a limited budget.


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