Kranjska Gora – A Great Resort in Slovenia

Whenever people plan for the foreign tour, the famous places are mainly Switzerland, London and so on. But, there are places around the world, where you can find real peace, the extreme beauty of nature and the perfect atmosphere to rejuvenate your senses, fill your lung with clear oxygen and give you new hope and aspire to live your life happily so that you get another chance to visit such a beautiful place. Yes, Slovenia is a little country of Europe, but it will never disappoint you if you visit it on your holidays.

Maybe Slovenia is a small country, but it is full of amazing tourist spots to make you mesmerized. While you can experience the beautiful lifestyle of the Venetian Coastal towns, you can also get the thrill of white-rafting at this tiny country. Among lots of other places, the special mention should go for Kranjska Gora. While you are in this country to visit this resort, you need to know a bit about the country. It is true that Slovenia is a free country, but, its culture, heritage, and cuisine has great influence of its neighboring countries, Hungary, Italy, and Austria.

As the maximum area is covered by forest, this is one of the greenest countries on the earth. And if it is a natural beauty that will mesmerize you, you will also be blown out by the conservative, broad-minded, incredibly hospitable and confident Slovenes. If you are in this country with very short time in your hand, you should visit Kranjska Gora once. It is a small package with lots of versatile visiting places that you can take the feel of entire Slovenia while returning to your country.

Summer in Kranjska Gora

If you have an intense love for adventure sport and you are getting adrenaline rush, this is the place where you should visit in summer. As this place is located in the Julian Alps, tourists can enjoy a great deal of skiing at this place during summer. Summer is the season when you can take part in great outdoor activities and fill your holiday tour with thrills. The famous summer sports you can enjoy here are paragliding, canoeing and kayaking, fly fishing, canyoning, horse riding, climbing, zip lining and what not. If you have always dreamt of to enjoy such types of adventure sports, you should visit Kranjska Gora during summer.

Another place which is the best destination for summer while you are in Kranjska Gora is the Zgornjesavska Valley. If you want the great view of natural beauty and want to get awestruck, this is the place where you can visit. The soothing temperature and the fresh air of the mountain will fill you with energy to explore more remarkable places in the valley. Summer in Kranjska Gora is temperate and soothing enough to have fun with your friends. If you want to get the best view of the place, you should take a bike. If you prefer the pedaling one, hire it; take a map and set on your journey.

If you are visiting the place in summer, you should not let go the chance of swimming. There are several natural swimming pools where you can spend the memorable time with your closed ones. Lake Jasna is a natural swimming pool with a diving platform. You can swim here, take a sunbath and if you want refreshment in between your activities, there is a bar, full of suitable refreshments of summer.

How to Spend Winter in Kranjska Gora

When the bright sun reflects on the crystal clear frost and snow, it shows millions of diamonds are scattering out. Yes, you can experience this astounding view once you are in Kranjska Gora during winter. If you are not afraid of snow, rather fond of playing with more of it and the winter adventure attracts you the most, try to visit this place during winter. You will get life experience. Skiing, of course, is one of the most important tourist attractions during winter. Nature prepares the slopes, particularly for the beginners. But, the experts will also get the opportunity of more challenge with 18 ski slopes, 13 drag lifts and also 5 chairlifts.

The Major Tourist Attractions at Kranjska Gora

Whether you visit the place at summer or winter, these are the major tourist attractions of Kranjska Gora where you can have the greatest fun-

  1. Heathen Maiden (Ajdovska Deklica) – This place is not only naturally beautiful, but it has myths also behind it. If you visit the natural artwork of stone, made by nature, you will find the face of the prophetess who was cursed to be a stone.
  2. Martuljek Waterfalls – The spectacular waterfalls is worth to visit when you are in this place. With the upper and the lower portion, this is quite magnificent.
  3. The Slovenian Alpine Museum – If you want to dig the history and find out the lost stories of Slovenia, you should visit the place once.

So, Kranjska Gora is really an endearing place to spend your New Year Eve. Forget all the monotony of your regular life and explore the new meaning of life in Kranjska Gora.


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