The mention of the name “Switzerland” always reels people in with the thought of beautiful snow and the picturesque view. While skiing and the associated holidays with it seem to dig a hole in the pocket, Switzerland provides with an experience like no other. There are several places that attract people’s attention but there is one specific place that seems to inflict a special importance in the minds of people. Klosters is the perfect combination of beautiful and popular mountain resorts. It is often a place people regard to as a common attraction to the British heir, Prince Charles.

Apart from just the view and the beautiful locations surrounding it, the number of available activities around the place makes it one of the most renowned placed in the area. It is a place that is well suited for both the seasons of winter and summer which makes it a perfect place for holiday, not just for expert skiers but for the entire family as a whole.

This place has been regarded as one of the places that regards to as the “family destination” owing to the beautiful places that surrounds Klosters. The main point of attraction is the beautiful village like atmosphere which is a stark contrast to the Alpine metropolis of Davos. With the growing popularity of the place, the numbers of family resorts have been building in abundance.

How Is It Like In The Summers?

Apart from enjoying the peaceful environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Klosters provides with an amazing holiday destination during the summers. It has a rambling area surrounding the place with beautiful trails ranging up till 700km with footpaths that provides with the perfect place for hikers to enjoy nature at its finest. Apart from simple hiking, Klosters has the impeccable energy encounter trail along with an amazing herb garden located at Madrisa, just above Klosters. The place is not just popular for its trails and natural forest, but has even more in its bag.

The Madrisa Land along with the Alpine adventure park marks another world of fairy tales and beautiful surroundings. This place accounts for several of the popular depictions in the famous tales and stories. Yet another good thing about this park is the fact that it is accessible to both the disabled and the visually impaired visitors.

For the cyclists and the mountain bikers who like a bit of a challenge, Klosters provides with the perfect trail to hike through. There are a number of routes of varying degrees of difficulty around the place. One of the most popular tourist attractions during summers is the Gotschna Freeride Piste which ranges up till 6km and is a perfect trail for the mountain bikers with its different routes. This route is full of curves and waves along its path and starts all the ways from Gotschna middle station and ends at the Klosters.

How Is It Like In The Winters?

Klosters is not just a place that’s known around for the sites of attraction during the summers but the winters as well. Winter is the perfect time for skiers to enjoy their time down the beautiful trails of snow. The Madrisa ski region which is located just above Klosters is the perfect place for the beginners. For someone who is an intermediate or experts, the Davos-Klosters region is the perfect place which offers favourable conditions. This area provides with long trails which is perfect for the cross-country skiers.

For people who are not into skiing, Klosters has several other activities for them as well. There are several winter walking paths and even the horse driven sledges which accounts for a perfect ride in the beautiful bed of snow. Apart from the same, the nightlife in Klosters is not just upbeat but amazing as well.

Some Of The Highlights

While the number of activities in Klosters is never-ending, there are three places that stand out amidst the lot.

  • Madrisa Kinderland: This is the perfect fairtytale land for the kids. There are beautiful additions from the Legend Paradise along with Alpine ghosts. Not just the area and the beautiful tales, it also has cable car rides and various restaurants.

  • Davos Kirchner Museum: This museum is primarily dedicated to the famous German expressionist Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. He was the one who resided in the area near Davos from the year 1917. The museum is home to every single possession and memory of the said person.
  • Salginatobel Bridge Near Schiers: This world monument ranges around 90 metres located above the Salgina brook. This concrete bridge accounts for Switzerland’s beautiful engineering.

All in all, Klosters is an amazing destination to spend your next holiday in. This place provides with not just a breath of fresh air and peace but also helps in assuring the peace of mind that people have start losing owing to the stress in their lives.


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