Ensure you use an ABTA travel Agent

If you are booking a holiday and are based in the United Kingdom then remember to check that your travel agent is ABTA bonded.   This means that in the event of the travel company going bust your holiday cost will be protected and you can claim the money back.   Whilst an inconvenience its a huge lot better than loosing everything and all the disappointment involved in that.

Also if you book using a credit card you often pay an additional booking fee but you can also claim the money back from the credit card company, so two really good and helpful tips.

You could also check the accounts of the travel agent you are booking with, though that would be a pretty unusual step it may give you some peace of mind.  Often its best to just use a well known high street name.

Companies do go bust from time to time, and recently Monarch Airlines went to into liquidation, I though they would have been rescued by one of their competitors interested in their valueable takeoff and landing slots at major airports in the UK such as London Gatwick, but clearly NOT!

The above picture is of the Schilthorn in Switzerland which if it looks familar is because it was the set for a James Bond 007 movie.  On her majesty’s secret service.

Fortunately travel firms don’t go bust very often, but you never know when it can happen, so best to take precautions as discussed in this post and my advice is to stick to large solid travel companies with known national brands, even check Google News incase there are rumours available, you’ll only kick yourself if you discover the same after the event!



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