Bukovel – Be Different from the Rest Ski Ukraine!

Do you have a thing for adventure? If yes, then you definitely like skiing. There is no better place than Bukovel to have the greatest experience of skiing in Ukraine. It is true that this place is quite young than other skiing resorts. Still the modern resort of Bukovel is amazing enough to attract tourists the most. When you are looking for traveling to off-beat places, this can be one of your top choices. While traveling, people want adventure, natural extravaganza, memorable moments and all. You can get everything in one package while you are in Bukovel. Skiing is the cherry on the cake.

In the Ukrainian Carpathians, Bukovel is one of the most beautiful places of all. Situated at 900 meters of altitude, it is amazing for the skiers around the world. Each year, tourists gather at this place for enjoying the natural beauty and experience the skiing for the first time in their life. Snowfall happens at the beginning of the year, and it is dense enough to make natural skiing points for the travelers. From November to April, skiing season is full on. This resort has 16 ski lifts, from 650 meters to 2000 meters, which has made it not only the best skiing elevation in Ukraine but also in Eastern Europe.

How can beginners enjoy this amazing experience at Bukovel? There are classes for those who have dreamt of ruling on the Ukrainian Carpathian but never have stepped on to snowboards. You will be trained by the highly experienced trainers where you can take group lessons as well as individual classes. If you are not into the adventure and just want to relax and enjoy the stunning view of Bukovel and the Ukrainian Carpathian, you can stay back at the base camp and enjoy with hot beverages.

Bukovel in Summer

If you want to enjoy Bukovel unusual, you should visit the place during summer. You may not enjoy the ski, that is the key attraction of the place, but you can experience the great natural beauty of the place while setting for hiking. You won’t require any professional guidance as the trailed are marked and secured for walking. You can just take up a walking stick, have a backpack and lose yourself in the forest of Buvokel. This is really thrilling!

The high gradient slopes are the key attraction of this place. As the climate is moderately warm in the Carpathians, there are high-moisture areas around the place during summer. If you are an experienced trekker, you can enjoy the full-length trails the most. You don’t need to be afraid of any wild animals, as these routes are scrutinized and made for tourists only. You don’t need to think of even mosquitoes. Any violence is prohibited under the Ukrainian Law.

Not to worry if you don’t have trekking experience. You can just start walking and get back when you feel as the routes are in both directions. But, whenever you are on the trail, you should carry maps, compasses, and GPS-navigators.

Enjoy Bukovel in Winter

Now, if summer means trekking and hiking, winter is for skiing. This is the key attraction of Bukovel, Ukraine. You can enjoy the skiing experience to the fullest as this is the most amazing skiing resort in Eastern Europe. If you are a beginner and you have never stepped on to snowboard in life, you can take classes under the superior trainers who can make you learn the basic tips so that you can enjoy skiing.

As it is one of the major ski joints around the world, many people are less aware of the winter fare and festival that goes on in Bukovel, Ukraine. Yes, winter is the time when you can enjoy Christmas bonanza by attending this festival. From live music to local cuisines, there are endless options to make your snowy evenings colorful. The weather is also in your favor as you get clear nights with innumerable stars. Spend your nights with your closed ones while enjoying the snow-covered woods, snow-capped mountains, and cool breeze. While enjoying the fair, you can’t forget about the local Carpathian cuisine and bakery. The exquisite delicacies can blow your mind while the traditional beverages can make you go wild on it.

With lots of live acts by the local bands and the dancing, events will make you move and groove on your feet. If winter can be charismatic anywhere that is in Buvokel.

So, if you want to enjoy your foreign tour to the most, visit Buvokel, the Ukrainian Carpathian. If off-beat places are your thing, this is the holiday destination for you. If summer brings sun-kissed days and amazing hiking adventures, winter is the time of celebration. Celebrate your life while you are in Buvokel.


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