Visiting the Beautiful Breckenridge Based In the Rockies

The summers are often the best time for visiting places that house ski resorts. One of the best places that is present in Colorado. The USA is Breckenridge. The beautiful town has been known for the ski trail that was cut in 1961. It gets alpine weather throughout the year and is loved by travelers from all over the USA. Being a mining town from the gold rush age the town is also rich in its historical background. The ski destination of Breckenridge consists of the four peaks that make it and is equipped with 31 lifts for their lovely visitors. The place is more beautiful as the mountains are a part of the Rockies, and the place can get up to 300 inches of snow every year.

The skiing destination has a vast expanse of 2358 acres, and the area offers a huge variety to taste of every skier. The ski destination is also filled with several pubs, restaurants and historical places that one would like to visit.

Why Should One Visit Breckenridge?

Any holiday that we take often makes us think of the reason that we should visit the place. The beautiful Alpine setting along with its picturesque view will always be enough to visit Breckenridge. In summer it is one of the best places that one can go to. Along with the skiing, there are also several sports present like mountain biking, alpine slide rides and hikes are also worth visiting for. Also, there is a zip line tour that you can take in Peak 7. The fun part of the tour is the 200-foot long walk on the aerial bridge.

The peaks are interconnected among them, and every one of them has a specialty. If one likes trails of all kind, then Peak 8 has trails of many kinds. Peak 9 is specifically used by the beginners. Peak 6 is for people who love to enjoy the high altitude and the above treeline experience. Peak 7 is good for intermediate skier for them to have adequate practice and Peak 10 is for the lovers of steep runs.

Along with the skiing experience, one gets to be a part of the homely and laid back town. They can visit the several museums and shopping complexes present in the town. The resorts present at Breckenridge are quite good, and they make their guests feel warm and at home. Breckenridge doesn’t even stop catering in the winter as there are several activities like the Winter Dew Tour, Ullr Fest, Snow sculpture championship, etc.

What Will You Find In Breckenridge?

Breckenridge is beautiful throughout the year and is one of the most famous skiing destinations present in the USA. It also has the highest super chair in the world which tops at 12,840 feet and is called the Imperial Express. The lifts that are present in the destination can carry about 46,800 passengers in an hour. 600 acres of terrain is groomed daily for the availability of the visitors. Along with it, there are 25 acres of Terrain parks and 187 trails present in the Breckenridge ski resort. The Four O’clock is the longest trail present in the resort and runs for 3.5 miles.

Breckenridge gets around 300 inches of snow every year, and the average temperature that it gets is 28 degree during the day and about 15 degrees during night time. The sun can be felt during the ski sessions even during winters. The weather can fluctuate and can drop several degrees in a day and the ski season lasts from November till April. For normal tourists, they can visit Breckenridge during the summer months or fall months when the weather is warm, and the mountains are very beautiful.

Things That Breckenridge Will Provide

  • Ski and Snowboarding school is housed in its premises, and they give lessons related to skiing of all types. The instructors are great, and learning skiing will be a terrific time.
  • Several pubs and restaurants and breweries that serve the homely and traditional dishes of the town. A famous fondue restaurant is also housed in the town for everyone to enjoy.
  • Breckenridge hosts the race of the Santa’s which is hilarious and also a great initiative on their side.

Some Events Held At Breckenridge

  • Skiing is never fulfilled without a good old competition, and the Dew tour is the specialty of Breckenridge. It takes place in the middle of December. The people taking part in the event can qualify for the US Ski and Snowboarding Olympic competitions. It is currently organized by TEN: The Enthusiast Network.
  • Breckenridge International Snow Sculpture Championship is an annual event that takes place in January and masterpieces of snow are made from tons of ice.

Breckenridge is a gorgeous ski resort that everyone should visit at least once. It can be an eye candy for any skier or even just for a usual vacationer.


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