Borovets – Bulgaria – A Great Place to Ski on a Budget

Maximum of the people often connect skiing in Europe to the Alps. That is always going to be the very first thought that crosses any person’s mind. While there are no doubts about how good they are, they cost a hefty amount of money. Places like France, Switzerland, and Italy et cetera. There price tags for destination skiing comes with a price that seems only to grow and increase in amount. This is why people are abandoning their five-star lavish approaches to the cheaper variants of the same. The first option being Bulgaria which is considered as a place that comes on a budget and the people are not wrong. There might not be the posh touch to the Bulgarian slopes and resorts, but they are surely one of the best in the area. But the question still comes down to one. How is it skiing in Bulgaria, in the Borovets?

Where Can You Ski Around The Place?

Bulgaria is famous for three of its ski resorts. While there are the three main resorts, there are some other additional ones that are not that large scale. The ones closest to Sofia are the Borovets which is the countries oldest ski resort. The same place is one of the most popularly known because of the spiky forested pistes which look similar to the ones in the Alps. This place is the best for skiing for the intermediates.

If you are there to visit the place for skiing, Borovets is a great place to indulge in. the evenings can be spent strolling around the town if that’s what you are interested in. the main city break is just a 1.5-hour drive from the Borovets which makes it a lot easier to travel and come back if needed. If you wish to explore the various other ski resorts, Bansko is a great option as well. It is located 2.5 hours away from Borovets and is one of the most modern establishments in the country.  The only downside or even an upside depends on the way you look at it, is the fact that this place is for the beginners. While Borovets can be attained by the intermediates and the experts, this is best just for the beginners.

How Much Is It Going To Cost?

Skiing trips are never going to be a whole lot cheaper. Not just that, they enhance with the kind of place you indulge in. One of the best things about Skiing in Bulgaria is the fact that the same can be done on a budget and that too a very affordable one. The good thing is that you can choose your own flight and accommodation and then customise the same as per requirements. You can even get the cheapest of the flight tickets from your destination to Sofia even in the rush hours and the good seasons. The prices are one-third of what you would normally pay for the other skiing trips.

One of the great tips while visiting Borovets or any of the other ski resorts in Bulgaria is to avail the lift passes for the number of days you are planning on staying. They cut down the budget by more than half which is a great value for money as well.

Is The Skiing Limited To Just Beginners?

Many people often claim Bulgaria to be a place that’s best just for the beginners. While the same is true, it is not completely true. The modern ski resort in Bulgaria, Bansko is a better fit for the beginners. Borovets, on the other hand, is best suited for the intermediates or even the experts, depending on their choice.

The slopes are pretty diverse and not just for the beginners. The same can be a bit limited to the expert skiers given the fact that the extent of the slopes is limited and not that huge. If you are someone on the advanced level, it can be a bit of a restriction, but that doesn’t completely eradicate the chances of skiing in the place.

Are They Worth The Money?

This is a question asked by many people. Before 2003, the services might not have been top notch, but the same has evolved over time. People, who have visited Bulgaria, especially Borovets have claimed that the place is just as good as any other posh skiing destination. Not just that, the place has even been hosting a number of World Cup races. There are a number of chairlifts and T-bars that are being upgraded with time.

If you are planning on spending a holiday skiing, let go of the old school posh places and give Borovets a try. This place has been regarded as a place worth visiting and all for the right reasons. Save out your money and spend a holiday worth remembering.


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